10 Things to Remember When Scheduling Classes

1. Sign Up for Classes When You Want to Wake Up

The amazing thing about college is that if you don’t have to wake up early for classes if you don’t want to.  Now, there might be some early morning classes that you must take, but for the most part, classes can be taken whenever you want.  If you don’t like waking up early, you can simply opt not to take a morning lecture.

 2. It is Okay Not to Know Your Major

 Not everyone knows what they want to major in, and taking a couple of   classes in different fields can be a good thing.  Don’t let the stress of   finding a major limit which classes you pick.

3. Most Majors Have Room for a Minor

Stuck between two fields of study that you really love?  Try for a minor.  They typically don’t take many credits and they are easy to fit into most schedules.

 4. Talk to Your Advisors Before Signing Up for Classes

 Advisors are there for a reason! They can help you pick the best classes for   yourself, plan potential minors or double majors, and they can also help if   you want to study abroad.

5. Have a Back-Up Plan 

Most likely as a freshman, and even as a sophomore, you won’t get your first choice in classes.  This means you need a back-up plan.  It can be stressful sitting in class signing up for classes and having to create a whole new schedule.  It might lack the classes you need or not be at convenient times.

6. Schedule Appointments with Advisors Early

Advisors have many students that they help.  When it comes close to signing up for classes they often devote more attention to students that are upper-class and graduating soon.  Signing up for a meeting early ensures that you have enough time to consult your advisor.

7. Don’t Always Listen to Rate My Professor

While it can be nice to have an idea about who your professor will be, don’t always listen to what people or websites say.  Each student has a different experience with each professor.

8. You Can Change Your Classes After Signing Up

After signing up for classes there is a period of time before they start.  Often, people are continuing to change their schedules and this is okay.  This means that different classes might open that you want to take and overall can be more helpful.

9. Signing Up for Waitlisted Classes is Okay

Signing up for the waitlist of a class is okay.  Many times a couple of students will drop classes after the first week.  This gives you the ability to take that class.  With this being said, have a back-up plan if your class does not open.

10. Don’t Sign Up for Too Many Classes

A normal DePaul schedule has a student taking four classes every quarter.  There is the ability to take another class at an additional cost or taking a two-credit course with no additional cost.  While this might sound great, do not sign up for more classes than you can handle.  Especially when it comes to high-level classes, the workload can become a lot, and it’s better to take fewer classes and do well then a ton of classes and fail.

– Julia Metallo