10 Things to Look Forward to for Spring Quarter

Spring is such a magical time in Chicago as the city comes back to life after hibernating during the cold winter months. Everyone finds a spark of energy to take advantage of all that the city has to offer. Here are 10 things I am looking forward to during my last Spring Quarter here at DePaul.

1. New Classes

Reaching the end of your college career can seem extremely out of sight during freshman year. I have a new, fresh perspective of knowing that these are my last courses. I am excited to meet new people in class and get my last connections with professors.

2. Getting Back Outside

My favorite pastime is exploring the city and all that it has to offer from eating, drinking, and activities. It can be hard to get out and try new things with the cold weather during winter, but when the sun is shining and the city has their windows open, it is so refreshing.


FEST is an annual tradition here at DePaul where the quad is transformed into a music festival. Chicago has a rich history with music and DePaul does an amazing job with integrating the city’s culture into campus life. Creating a miniature Lollapalooza on the quad is definitely my favorite DePaul event of the year!

4. Tulip Season

The tulips that the city plants every year along Michigan Ave and throughout the city is another one of my top favorite Chicago traditions. I love going out and photographing them as they bring so much color and freshness to the urban landscape. There are also great tulip farms to visit that are right outside of the city.

5. Becoming More Productive

Over my past four years at DePaul, I found that I have always excelled in my classes during Spring Quarter. After spring break, I get an immense amount of motivation to get my work done. Especially as the weather gets nicer, I tend to finish up my work as early as possible so I am able to go out and enjoy different events around the city.  

6. Farmer’s Markets and Art Festivals

Every neighborhood in Chicago always has events going on. The farmer’s markets are a great reason to check out a new area and pick up fresh produce. The art festivals are a perfect opportunity to support local artists and spark your own creative motivation.

7. The Sports Scene

Chicago has a major turn out when it comes to their sports games, and it is always fun to be a part of the action. I always check for student rates for the games, and make sure to take advantage of DePaul’s organized outings to events like Cubs and White Sox games.

8. Being more Active

Spring is the perfect time to check in with our New Year’s resolutions and track our progress. My goal this year is to be more active. DePaul’s campus gym offers great resources including group fitness classes that I have been prioritizing in my schedule. They are effective, and fun! The lakefront trail and the 606 trail are great options to get out and walk with some amazing views.  

9. Starting my Internship

DePaul has great connections with companies in the city and the campus encourages internships and jobs at any point in your academic career. I am starting with a company that I really love and look forward to continuing my professional career.

10. Becoming a DePaul Alum

I am finishing my bachelor’s degree this quarter! My time thus far at DePaul has been unforgettable, and I have learned an incredible amount on a variety of topics, and I am excited to be putting the theory into practice upon graduation in June!


Spring is a great time to visit campus!