10 Things to Do During Quarantine 

 1. Clean out your closet

 Go through your clothes and shoes and gather together items you no longer wear. I   typically divide this pile into ‘donation’ and ‘sell’. Selling your old clothes via   Instagram, Depop, Mercari, etc. is a great way to earn some extra cash during   quarantine, especially if the circumstances have put you temporarily out of work.

2. Reach out to friends and family

Have you been neglecting certain relationships in your life? Now is the ideal time to reconnect. Everyone is at home and on their phones and a simple text could spark great conversation and maybe some post-covid plans.

 3. Paint your nails

 Always too busy to give your nails the proper dry time? Not anymore you’re   not. I for one am a barista at Starbucks and am mandated to have bare nails   365 days a year. So I have taken full advantage of my work leave and had   different colored nails every week. 

4. Practice new self care rituals

Utilize this extra time to invest in yourself. Whether that be your skin, your body or your peace of mind. Order a few face masks and find easy meditation methods online.

 5. Bake

 There’s a reason everyone’s doing it. It’s a fun and low stress way to spend   your time and the product is bound to be delicious. Get the ingredients   together to make yummy banana bread or some homemade bagels for you   and your family. 

6. Focus on your schoolwork

Prioritize your school work before your fun free time. Although online classes prove to be more difficult for some, social distancing offers more time for things like homework and studying that you might have otherwise put off to be social.

 7. Rearrange your room

 Now is the perfect time to refresh your space. Move your bed into a corner for more   floor space, hang up some of those posters from your dorm and print out some   photos of your friends.

8. Binge new movies and shows

Need to catch up with pop culture or just haven’t watched Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite? Now that you have the time, use your streaming services or borrow a friend’s to see all the movies and shows people have been talking about.

 9. Workout

 Online workouts are so accessible nowadays and so easy to do in the   comfort of your own home. Start your days with a little yoga or an ab   workout to boost your mood and energy throughout quarantine.

10. Go outside

With spring approaching, the outdoors are more enjoyable than ever. Take a walk with a family member or on your own. Fresh air can do wonders.

– Sophie Longo