10 Things I’ve Learned from Online Classes

 1. Create a daily schedule.

Keeping a daily routine or schedule can assist in maintaining motivation for attending online lectures and staying on task with weekly assignments. I follow the schedule I would have had for the spring quarter. My Mondays and Wednesdays consist of my Focal Point Seminar and Cost and Managerial Accounting classes, while my Tuesdays and Thursdays protein to my United States History and Principles of Management classes, and my EDGE shifts. 

 2. Use a planner or calendar.

 I am someone who swears by having a planner and who uses it every day. It   helps to make sure I am completing the necessary assignments on time and   allows me to make note of when it is time to start studying for larger exams.   You can also decorate your planner to make it more personalized. 

3. Make a daily to-do list.

Making a daily to-do list can help keep you organized. Similar to using a planner, a list can help break down the tasks that need to be done throughout the day. These tasks do not have to just be academically related, you can include things like working out or do laundry. 

 4. Actually attend your online Zoom meetings and be actively engaged. 

 Being at home can make it easy to sleep through class or to even log into Zoom and go   back to sleep while the class is taking place. While this option is tempting for those 8   AM lectures, being actively engaged will help you get more out of your classes and do   better in the course as a whole. 

5. Check your email and D2L regularly.

For many of my professors, they contact their students regularly through either email or D2L posts. Through checking both of these regularly, you can stay up to date with your assignments and other course material. One nice function of D2L is that you can receive email notifications each time your professor uploads assignments to the courses D2L page. This can be found under notifications.

 6. Email your professors if you have questions.

 With everything being online and digital, ideas may get lost in translation. If   you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask your professor. They will be   more than happy to clarify things for you. Use them as an additional   resource as they are one. 

7. Have a designated study or “school” space. 

Having a designated study area can help to maintain focus and motivation towards your schoolwork. For me, it is sitting at my desk rather than staying curled up in bed. While being wrapped up in blankets is comfortable, I feel that I can be more productive sitting at my desk.

 8. Time management is everything. 

 Two of my classes this quarter are self-taught, meaning it is on me to learn the required   material in time for my weekly quizzes and various exams throughout the quarter. It can be   easy to fall behind with assignments as you do not have the same face-to-face instruction.   Time management can help to ensure that assignments are getting done on time and that   you are gradually learning the material. 

9. Go to bed at a reasonable time.

Similar to having a schedule, going to bed at a reasonable time can positively impact your performance in your classes and productivity. It is important to get a good night’s rest or seven to nine hours of sleep. While it may be tempting to stay up late, there are health benefits to getting a significant amount of sleep per night.

 10. It is okay to take breaks regularly, but don’t let them stop you from getting stuff done.

 It is good to have a balance between online classes and being able to do activities you want   to do. Constantly working on homework and class-related activities can lead to the potential   of being burned out early in the quarter. Taking small breaks can help improve productivity,   just make sure to get back on task.

– Audrey Pazor

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