10 Things I’ve Done in Chicago in My 1st Month

This is my first year at DePaul. There’s a lot to do and see in the city. Here are my top things I’ve done in my first month in Chicago. 

1. The Bean

Visiting The Bean is something everyone has to do in Chicago, like seeing the
Statue of Liberty when you go to New York. It was way cooler than I expected, all of the
different reflections were very interesting.

2. Watched a movie in Millenium Park

I went to a showing of the Dark Knight at Millennium Park.
It was a good time, everyone sat on their blankets and collectively watched a movie on the
massive projector screen.

3. Watched the fireworks at Navy Pier

My friend and I walked along the river one night and got to
see the fireworks for Mexican Independence Day. It was definitely an awesome experience.

4. Went for a bike ride along Lake Michigan

I rented a bike using my Ventra card and took a bike all along the lake. It was a very relaxing experience.

5. Went to the movies

There are tons of movie theatres in Chicago with movies running all the
time. If you’re a movie lover like me, you’d be in heaven.

6. Went to a driving range

I never would have expected that there would be a driving range in
the city, but lo and behold there is. It was an awesome time although it did get a bit chilly.

7. Field Museum

The Field Museum was absolutely fantastic and was the best museum I’ve ever
been to. They have great exhibits on animals and all different cultures of the world. They even
have the world’s biggest dinosaur.

8. Walk along the Chicago River

Walking along the Chicago River is something I do frequently,
as the city is relaxing and chaotic at the same time. And this is exactly why I love the Chicago

9. Went fishing at Lake Michigan

Although I didn’t catch anything, it was a very pleasant
experience to fish in Lake Michigan.

10. Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium was awesome and had so many different types of fish.
I definitely want to go back some other time.

~ Brian