10 Locations to Study on Campus

In the midst of midterms at DePaul, we are all a little stressed, and need to do homework in a spot with little distractions. Being an introvert myself, working at home is always difficult because I will just want to cuddle in a blanket with my cat and watch Netflix. In order to get work done, I have needed to adapt to places on campus in order to do my work. Below are the best corners on campus I enjoy doing homework at. 

1. The Quad

When the weather is nice, the Quad is the absolute perfect place to do homework. In   early Fall or late Spring, going out on the Quad is so lovely for good, studious work. You get the choice to sit on the ground, lying against a tree or on the  grass, or even sitting on one of the tables (these even have electrical plugs so you can use your computer if it is low battery). There are enough trees that you can bring a hammock.   If you need a quiet place to do homework, maybe do not work on the Quad because the second the weather is nice, all of the students come out to play ball, have a picnic, or work on the Quad as well.

2. Brownstones

If the weather is not as nice outside, Brownstones is a good substitution for the Quad. Brownstones is a popular place to do homework so if you really need a quiet place, Brownstones is not it. But if you enjoy being out in public, Brownstones is a perfect corner to work at. The tables are always nice, there is usually enough room for everyone, there is a printer, and, of course, there is coffee and snacks at easy access. I really love sitting in the Brownstones Annex, at one of the booths with a coffee and a muffin. It is also a social spot, if you want to do group work or a study date. 

3. Demon Den

A great corner on campus that not a lot of students know about is the Demon Den, which is on the second floor of the Student Center. This wonderfully-decorated Blue Demon spirit corner is a small area where you can sit and do homework. There are couches, comfortable chairs, and a giant tv for student’s viewing pleasure. Although it is a great place to escape and do homework, if you enjoy watching tv while, there are not that many seats so there is a good chance that they will all be taken. Worth a quick walk upstairs to the “Stu”, or Student Center, to check and see if there is an open spot. 

  4. Lincoln Park Library

 The Lincoln Park Campus (LPC) Library is a fabulous resource, and a wonderful place to   study. Unlike the other locations, the LPC Library is adaptable to whatever you would   want in a place for homework. The first floor is for group study, if you like working with   other people. The other floors are for quiet study, and there are lots of spots open at all   times. There are private rooms, seats with a panel to give you your own space, spots where you can look out the window, and even couches in a corner with a whiteboard. The options are endless in the LPC Library.

5. The Pit

Within the Schmitt Academic Center, or the “SAC”, there is a wonderful place to work at called the Pit. This is in the center of the building, where the floor goes downwards. There are about eight to ten tables, a few couches, and individual seats on the outer rim of the Pit. This spot has a lot of open seats, which is lovely, and access to a printer. If you want a quiet place to work, maybe consider going to the library because the Pit can be loud, with students coming to class and going from class. The Pit does have the Bean, which is a coffee shop, so it has a nice access to treats, caffeine, and meals. 

6. SAC Classroom 

Near where the Pit is, at the Schmitt Academic Center, there are four floors worth of classrooms. At a given time, not all of the classrooms are being used. If you want a quiet place, you are more than willing to look for a free classroom and work there. It is lovely to have an open space to yourself, where you can use the whiteboard or even the projector to study, read, or write essays. Sometimes you will get kicked out if someone has reserved the room, but there is always another open classroom. 

 7. Arts and Letters 

The newly renovated Liberal Arts and Social Sciences building – Arts and Letters – is my   favorite place on campus. There are so many gorgeous classrooms, and many windows   that bring natural light to the students. When students are studying for so many hours,   seeing the sunlight, especially in the winter, is a gift. In the corner of each floor at Arts   and Letters are these giant classrooms, with a beautiful view of the skyscrapers in   downtown Chicago. Arts and Letters is a wonderful place to do homework. There are giant tables in the common area, with lots of natural light and access to plugs for laptops. There are couches too, if you want to get comfortable. Students sometimes will nap in the Arts and Letters building between classes.  

8. The Ray

For the best food on campus, I would recommend going to the Ray Meyer Fitness Center, or “The Ray”. Although this is a gym, there are enough tables in the seating area that it is a wonderful spot to do some homework in between workouts. The food at the Ray’s Bean is incredible, and so much better than the food in the Student Center. If you want to do homework and eat amazing food, the Ray is the place to be. Because everyone is working out, it is a good place to go somewhere quiet with voices, but a good atmosphere for white noise. 

9. Loop Campus at Starbucks 

The Loop Campus, located off of Jackson on the Red Line and Harold Washington Library on Brown Line, is home to namely the College of Computer and Digital Media, the Law School, and our Business School. A lot of students spend their time in the Loop Campus, rather than the Lincoln Park Campus. Within the DePaul Central Building, there is a Starbucks within our bookstore – Barnes and Noble – and it is a wonderful place to do homework at! There are big glass windows, so that you can people watch. There are also a lot of chairs, along with easy access to everything yummy at Starbucks. 

 10. The Skybridge Connection 

Within the DePaul Central building, there is a floor that connects this building to DePaul’s   Law building, the Lewis Center. It is called the Skybridge Connection, and it allows students to walk between buildings, which is helpful when it is cold outside or when they quickly need to go from one building to the next. The Skybridge Connection has a gorgeous view of the city, along with some quiet comfortable seating places. It is very fun to work up there, because of the giant glass windows, but there is not a lot of seating so you may need to fight to get the good spots. 

Overall, there is not a way to go wrong with securing a place to work at DePaul. You get your choice in your study seat!

~Morgan Kail-Ackerman

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