10 Fears Everyone Has in College

1. Choosing the Right Major

This is one of the most common fears that every college student has, whether you’re an incoming freshman or senior. It can be really scary to have to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life when you’re still really young. One way to handle this if your unsure about what to do for you future is start of undecided and explore you options. You could also talk to the Office of Academic Advising and the Career Center to learn about your interests and possible careers you could go into for your major.

2. Making Friends

One of the biggest things that first year students worry about is whether or not they will make friends or fit in. Getting involved in clubs and student organizations is the best way to meet new people and find your own group of friends. 

3. Financial Fears

Financial fears are very common for first year college students, especially if this is your first time living on your own. Financial Fitness is a great way to learn budgeting techniques and ways to handle your money. Applying for scholarships and filing your FAFSA every year is a great way to reduce your student loan debt.

4. Failing a class

Failing a class can be really scary, but don’t take the time to put yourself down and stress about it. Talking to your adviser about  what to do next is a great first step. Retaking a class is also a good option because it gives you the chance to try again and get a better grade this time.

 5. Getting lost in a new city

 Getting around the Chicago and using the CTA can be tough when it’s your first time in this city.   Tons of students, including myself, have been worried about getting lost using the CTA and finding   your way around. Google Maps and the Ventra app will be your best friend. Those two apps made   it so easy to get around in Chicago when I was a freshman.

6. Home sickness 

Being away from friends, family, and your hometown can be really difficult emotionally for a lot of students, since they may worry that they will lose touch with them or grow apart. A great way to handle this is to stay in touch with them through social media, texting, or video chatting with friends and family as often as possible.

 7. Stressful Classes

 Some of the classes you take your first year will most likely be much more challenging   than your used to. Hard classes suck, but if you focus, turn in assignments, and study   you can pass it with no problem. Communicating with your professor and asking them   for help can be really helpful as well.

8. Roommates

Everyone worries about whether or not they’re going to get along with their roommates. Your roommate will either be your best friend or someone you want to avoid at all costs. Respecting each other’s boundaries and communicating with one another is a great way to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes.

 9. Managing all your commitments

College can be very overwhelming when it comes to managing   your social life, academics, extracurriculars, and all new   responsibilities. A good way to manage everything is getting a planner, a calendar, or a   planning app and planning out your week and your commitments so you make sure that   you stay on top of things.

10. Post-grad life

Graduation can either be very exciting or very scary for some people because it means you have to join the real world and become ready to work a full time job or go to grad school. Even though there might be fear and uncertainty about what the next chapter of your life will be, graduation is a huge accomplishment. Think of it as a step in the right direction and to do what makes you happy.

– Nooreen Jahan 

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