10 Changes I Experienced from COVID-19

1. Panic from Initial Email

On March 11th at 5:39 PM I, as well as all other DePaul students, received an email stating that all Winter Quarter final exams would be held online. We also received news that all students living on campus would be forced to move out at a later released date. 

  2. Uncertainty and Confusion

 I was in utter shock when I first read the email sent out. There were so many   questions I had that remained unanswered for that night. It was later   released that on March 12th all students living on campus must leave by   March 22nd. 

3. Moving out of My Dorm 

Moving out of my dorm was very hectic. There was still a lot of confusion about what the Spring Quarter would look like, while simultaneously worrying about taking Winter Quarter finals online.

 4. Spending Flex Dollars

 Out of fear of my flex dollars expiring, I chose to spend them as soon as possible. I   aimed to buy items that were small, but were still useful. At ETC. I bought gum,   toothbrushes, soap, stain remover pens, and snacks. 

5. Taking Online Finals

One of the best parts about DePaul is the compassion each of my professors showed me during a time when I needed it most. One of my professors changed our class’s final to strictly multiple choice, and my other professor cancelled it altogether. 

 6. Planning Courses for Next Quarter

 Since I would no longer be taking classes in person, I decided to change up my   schedule a bit. I went from taking four classes to five, which will help lessen my   load for future years.

7. Flying Home 

Flying back home was bittersweet. I was extremely sad to leave Chicago, but also happy to see my dogs and parents. Luckily, finding a flight wasn’t too difficult because prices were low. Flying home was like nothing I had ever experienced. There were only about 20 people on the plane, so everyone got their own row. 

 8. Figuring out My Room Situation for Next Year 

 Because I was in such a rush to leave, I never had a chance to solidify a living   situation for my sophomore year. It is unfortunate that I will have to choose   an apartment solely from FaceTime calls with my roommate and online   photos. 

9. Deciding What to Bring Home

Choosing what clothes to leave in storage and what to bring home was difficult. California and Illinois have such different climates, so it was challenging figuring out which clothes were best for each climate. 

 10. Adjusting to Spring Break in Quarantine 

 Last, due to COVID-19, my spring break plans were severely altered. I had   planned on staying in Chicago with friends, so I was upset I could no longer   do that. However, being in quarantine has its perks. I am enjoying the time   to relax and recharge before Spring Quarter fully begins. 

– Maya Franco