10 Academic Resources at DePaul 

The good part about being a student at a university is that there are academic resources and a support staff that are there to help you. Listed below are ten academic resources that DePaul offers their students. 

1. Office for Academic Advising Support (OAAS)

This office is helpful for getting students connected with an advisor, which I would argue is one of the smartest things to do at DePaul. There is no shame in asking for help. Even though you could figure out your academic classes by yourself, it is helpful having someone to walk you through everything. Get an academic advisor to be your cheerleader, especially someone who has helped students just like you in the past. For more information, check out their website

 2. Dean of Students Office (DOS) 

 The Dean of Students Office is great for supporting the needs of their   students. For academic help, moral and ethical code, emergency and crisis   management, and more, this office is helpful for being there when students   are having trouble. They are here to support you in whatever is going on in your life and you need help from the university. If you need to miss class for personal or health issues, the DOS can help. For more information, check out their website.

3. Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD)

The Center for Students with Disabilities is a support system to bring equality to all students. For anyone with any kind of disability, learning barrier, mental issue, or more, this resource is there to help where help is needed. Students who need a little more resources can get more time added to a test, help with studying, and much more support. It is lovely to have an office that supports students of all types of learning in order to bring about success. For more information, check out their website.

 4. First Year Academic Success Program (FYAS)

 The FYAS is a wonderful resource to help students get ahead in their first   year at DePaul. For freshmen coming into their first year, this program helps   to support students with their required math and english requirements.   FYAS wants to get students ahead in their course work and allow options to   move forward in their liberal arts curriculum tuition-free. For more information, check out their website.

5. TRiO Student Support Services (SSS)

Similarly to CSD, SSS supports students who are first generation college students and low-income students in terms of academic support, career advice, and other resources. This is a way for DePaul to support those who may need a little more help or who usually feel oppressed in a private college. This specific academic resource has had huge successes at DePaul with their students and is still helping people today. For more information, check out their website.

 6. Library

 Did you know that the library has books? I know, crazy! The library is an   amazing academic resource that some people forget about. Outside of   books, it also has connections to a bunch of databases, online sources, and   types of research that you can only get if you are a DePaul student! If you go   in person as well, you can get help from the paid assistants who work there. Both the Lincoln Park and Loop libraries are helpful, but there are more workers in the Lincoln Park library. If you need help academically trying to find something, or really anything, try contacting the library! They also have online messaging if you would like to message them before going in person to ask. For more information, check out their website.

7. The DePaulia 

The DePaulia is a student-run organization that brings the news about DePaul to their students. Although a lot of their stories have to do with the politics of the university, there are a lot of academic resources that help students. Knowing what is going on in your community is very helpful to learning and success. The DePaulia runs stories about the news of DePaul, the weather, opinion pieces, pop culture, Illinois news, diversity and equality, sports, and much more. For more information, check out their website.

 8. Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)

 The DePaul Alumni Sharing Knowledge Network connects DePaul   students with other DePaul alums who have graduated for networking   purposes. This helps students get jobs, connect to professionals in the   field, and grow their network of DePaul alums! The DePaul members   connected to ASK also are willing to answer questions, concerns, and give advice. If you are struggling or want more information about your career field, consider checking out how to get in contact with ASK. For more information, check out their website.

9. Office for Student Involvement (OSI)

OSI is the Office for Student Involvement, located in the Lincoln Park DePaul campus. Through a wide variety of campus recreation, events, and activities, OSI brings together the DePaul community and teaches about engagement, diversity, equality, leadership, and much more. The people who work in OSI are very helpful and can assist students with using the university, extracurriculars, or even outside the city of Chicago. For more information, check out their website.

 10. Barnes and Noble Bookstore 

 Last but not least, the Barnes and Noble Bookstore is a helpful academic   resource for students. Not only does the bookstore have school-related   books, they also have other organizational tools set up for students. There   are planners, note cards, pens, binders, and much more. The people who   work at the Barnes and Noble college Bookstore are also able to help students find whatever they are looking for and offer strategies to learn. For more information, check out their website.

– Morgan Kail-Ackerman