Do you have a smart house?

The advances that the human race has made and is continuing to make has always astonished me when I look back at where we were 10,000, 1000, and even 100 years ago. From creating fire from wood to sending a message 1,000,000 miles across the planet in less than 0.1 seconds, putting men on another planet and now telling a black box in the corner or your room that you want the lights to turn on in your house. So many excellent people have contributed to these major advances and we cannot thank them enough for making our lives better, simpler and safer every day. So when someone asks me “hey is it worth getting an Alexa?” my answer is yes. I am a huge fan of being a part of the technological revolution that is becoming more and more pronounced in our society every year.

The smart home market

There are so many new and innovative smart home devices that sometimes it can be an impossible choice. Understanding the intricate details between each and every one, and making the right choice for your lifestyle, is very tough for most people. We have advanced so fast that the cell phone is a simple concept to the younger generation, however it is completely alien to a lot of the oldest generation.

For the first time in our society, technology has created a stark divide between the age groups that inhabit this planet. To me, this is so intriguing that so many new creative and complex devices have been brought into the marketplace has confused the older generation. Not only this, but the technology sector is growing at an exponential pace. This is reflected in the bull market in the tech sector for the past nine years; it has mostly outperformed the S and P and the broader market with no signs of slowing. This is especially true with Amazon, with the release of the Amazon Echo a few years ago, and now their completely automated grocery store. When stores start to become automated, I definitely think it is time to start thinking about becoming smart home compatible. Also, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are on the brink of being injected into our everyday world, so smart home automation is almost becoming outdated in my opinion. Many homes own an Amazon Echo or some type of smart home device and it is making their lives much easier. The cost is very affordable to most and, as everyone knows, time is money. Something that can make your daily life around the house much easier is a sure winner in my book.  

Home automation options for beginners

A great way to start off home automation if you don’t feel like your understanding of technology is the best is a simple Echo Dot. This is Amazon’s entry speaker system and smart home device. It retails at around 50 dollars now in most stores, after flying off the shelves at a higher price when it first came out. These speakers have great sound quality and can answer many questions you have for it. All you have to do is say “Alexa…” and ask your question. Does it know the weather? Sure. How about the exact time in Guatemala? Definitely! Do you want it to read a bedtime story to your youngest because you had a hard day at work? Just download the app for it and Alexa will take it from there! These devices can also help around the house, from turning the lights on and off, setting alarms and playing the festive Christmas music you most certainly need for your next family Christmas.

Smart home automation is worth it

There is no question that getting into the swing of having a smart home is totally worth it. Not only will it make your life much simpler, it will definitely enhance your security if you can get the hang of it. You can start to close your doors from your smartphone, see who is at your front door at the TV and set alarms if an intruder gets into your house. So not only is a smart home just pretty cool, it can also bring you the peace of mind you have been waiting for. So don’t hold off any longer, go get that gadget you have always wanted. Trust me, it’s totally worth it!

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