Anxiety in men

Sometimes men can be hesitant when it comes to speaking about their mental health problems. They become very introverted and don’t want to talk about the issues they are experiencing. Not only can some men feel uncomfortable talking to a health professional about it, they feel uncomfortable talking to their friends and family.

There are many reasons this may happen. One may be that he is the head of the household with a family that is dependent on him, and he does not want his family to worry and stress about his health when he is the one supporting the family. Another reason may be that they do not want to seem incapable of their job of supporting their family, and they do not want to face the shame and guilt and imagine that their wives or children think they are weak.

A man typically takes pride in being a strong and powerful leader, especially in a family setting. Therefore, if he were to have anxiety issues, he may practice self-blame and self-doubt, and he struggles with not wanting his family to see him feeling weak and incompetent. Even if he is in need of support, he may decide to not speak a word.

However, if they eventually continue with this burden on their own and never reach out to someone about their anxiety issues it can have a serious and long lasting effect. As time goes by, their mental health can deteriorate more and more until it is too late. I would like to discuss some of the ways men can reach out to professionals and gain help, or if this is not an option. Shed light on many more methods and activities that can be used to release stress and anxiety from their everyday lives.

Physical activity for anxiety release

A great way to detach from the anxiety is to engage in physically strenuous activities. This means that depending on your age, physical ability and physical health, you can choose an activity appropriate for you that can help calm the mind.

Any time someone engages in activity, the body releases endorphins that are directly correlated with happiness. These endorphins can play a critical part in reversing the effects of anxiety in men. It stimulates the mind and body and invigorates them, leaving them feeling stronger, healthier and happier, ready to tackle any task life throws at them.

Along with this, another activity that is directly correlated with stress release and health is yoga. Doing yoga is a great way to stay healthy and relax the mind and body after a very stressful day. Yoga for men is something that is becoming more and more prominent in society as many more people are engaging in these activities. Yoga is a mix of strength work, flexibility and mediation. It includes a period for self-reflection and a moment to completely relax the body and relieve the tension and stresses of everyday life.

This is why it is the perfect mix of healthy activity to release the endorphins and provide peaceful reflection to calm the anxiety and slowly make it fade. Physical activity is one way to help deal with anxiety in men, but it isn’t the only way. Men struggling from more severe mental health issues or do not feel exercise is working for them should seek the help of a professional.

Reaching out when you feel like no one is there

Anxiety and depression disorders can most definitely be treated by a professional. Many people like to think that they have untreatable health problems and if you have one then it is just your fault. They believe that it is something that is self-endured and it is a tye of issue that you can snap out of easily just by doing things that make you happy.

This is not the way it works. These mental disorders are very serious and have led many good people, even some of the strongest willed people, to taking their own life. This is the nature of the disorder and leads people to think that they are not enough and not worthy. Anxiety in men can especially be alarming as men sometimes do not want to talk about these things. Keeping these types of disorders private can be the worst thing someone can do. If you think you or someone you know have one of these issues, you should reach out to someone right away, as these are life threatening in a lot of cases.  

Anxiety can be a killer

Many people do not realize the severity of these cases until it is too late. All you have to do is look at the stats of lives lost due to mental illnesses. It is awful to see and it is awful to know that it will continue unless many people change the way they view it. Anxiety disorders in men should not be judged and should not lead them to feel like they cannot speak about it. A man should feel entitled to not be plagued by any mental disorders and be able to speak freely about it and find the help they need. This does not make them lesser than any other person, in fact it makes them stronger when they overcome it. So the next time you think about mental illness, just know that some of the survivors could be some of the toughest people you will ever meet.

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