When is the line drawn?

When there is a member of a family that is battling an addiction problem, it can be very tough for immediate family or close friends to know what to do. No one wants to encourage the abusive use of these awful substances.

However, there is also the issue of not knowing how to approach the matter correctly. In my opinion, there is never a perfect time for an intervention, and the best time is just sooner rather than later.

Drug and alcohol problems can have a detrimental and even fatal effect on people’s lives. This is one of the main reason it is an obligation of the people who know the person the best to step in and stop them from continuing their bad addiction habits.

It might not even work the first time, and it can be a very difficult task to get the user to even admit they have a problem, but in the end, this is a necessary means of saving the person from the harm they are inflicting upon themselves and their loved ones.  

The first step to an intervention

The first step in any treatment process is always coming to terms with the addiction and realizing that there is a problem present. Many people want to live in denial and lie to themselves that everything is ok.

This is one way of putting up a barrier between themselves and the issue so they never have to really face it head on and deal it. This just leads to their addiction becoming more cemented in their daily routine and will be even tougher to break this cycle when the time comes to do so.

This is why it is the urgent responsibility of the people around them who care for them and want to support them to make them realize there is an issue present and they have to face it head-on.

Once this is established, it is much easier for them to separate themselves from the issue and not identify with it so much. They single it out and want to get better to improve the quality and the health of their life.

This is the key to the initial part of the addiction intervention and the main goal that you want to achieve from it.

How to plan an intervention

There is never an easy way to tell someone you care for or love that they have an issue and that it needs to change. Interventions can definitely lead to conflict and long drawn out arguments ensuing that can make the substance abuser want to pull further away from the family. It can make them even more unwilling to listen or cooperate with what the majority of the family or friends want them to do.

This is why it is especially important to go into the intervention with a clear plan and maybe a set list of things you want to say and convey so you do not get dragged off topic if things start to get heated. Writing an intervention letter can definitely be a great way to keep your thoughts clear and concise throughout the discussion.

If it starts to build into an argument, emotions can sometimes fly off the charts and distract from the message you are trying to convey. Having a letter in front of you with the point you are trying to make can make it much easier to avoid that happening and stay focused on the task at hand.

Another good way to intervene is to call the experts and have them help you. One big advantage of hiring a professional is that they are a neutral third party individual who can mediate the conversation and help it run more efficiently.

There are many interventions centers throughout America that can help in the addiction recovery process and will make things as smooth for you and your family as possible. There is a grave risk in letting an addiction carry on without trying to stop it, thus the sooner you can get the addict help the better.

Risks of substance abuse

There are so many risks associated with substance abuse that is it a very dangerous habit to become involved with. These risks range from the less dangerous such as small accidents from being intoxicated, to the worst case – death.

These fatal occurrences can happen when someone overdoses on drugs or drinks too much alcohol and ends up having alcohol poisoning. Those are the short term ways it can cause a fatality, however in the long run these additions are always eating away at their bodies. They slowly erode their physical and mental well-being and their ability to think for themselves. The addiction can slowly take over their lives and consume them.

So when the question of when is the best time for an intervention comes up… the answer is now.

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