How can teenagers develop depression?

As a teenager, running into mental health issues are more common than people think.

One of the most over looked illnesses is depression, therefore making sure you are alert to some of the symptoms can help you discover it early. Many people, even parents of suffering teenagers, can mistake mental illness for sadness and attribute it to being young.

However, many teens are now struggling with depression for many different reasons. Teenagers can experience depression in a manner very similar to adults, although it can be a lot harder for them to process these emotional changes making them more prone to taking extreme action. Having emotional highs and lows are normal; without sadness there would technically be no way to feel happiness.

However, being in a slump for months at a time is a definite sign of an untreated mental illness. Knowing some reasons why teenagers would develop a mental illness and how to treat it can stop any fatal incidents before they occur.

A few symptoms of depression

There is a wide range of symptoms a teen may showcase that can give away a mental health disorder. If a teen has low self-esteem, it may mean that they are suffering from depression. Not being able to develop confidence in any areas of your life may mean that they have a mental health issue that should be treated.

Another sign of depression is if they are frequently lashing out at people closest to them for the smallest of reasons. Being irritable and constantly angry is a sign of feeling insecure about themselves and unable to bring happiness into their own lives.

If they are spending a lot of time on their own or do not have many friends, this can also mean they are suffering from a mental illness. They want to lock themselves away from the world, maybe they do not feel worthy or lack the confidence to be a part of a friend group.

Finally, if they have irregular sleeping or eating habits it could mean something is happening biologically that is affecting their daily routines. If you feel a loved one or a friend has been showcasing some of these symptoms, it could be time to reach out for help.

There are many rehab centers that can provide the help and care for a suffering teenager. Having depression is a very unpleasant experience; therefore getting the right help is crucial to getting them back on the right path.

Depression is a much more common illness than people think; it has caused a lot of suicidal deaths for people ranged 10 to 24, thus finding help is a necessity if you think someone you know has depression.

Why do teenagers develop depression?

One of the reasons some people take depression lightly is they do not fully understand why teenagers would develop depression.

From the outside, everything may seem normal; however, deep down, there could be something seriously wrong which needs to be addressed. Depression can be developed mainly as a reaction to environmental stresses; these can include trauma, such as verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.

If a teen was abused physically or emotionally from a young age, it drastically increases their chances of developing depression in later years of their childhood.

Although this is not the only reason depression may develop. Sometimes it is a genetical problem and there are blood tests that can test for depression.  

Other external events that can affect teenagers are the death of a loved one, school problems, or being the victim of bullying or peer pressure. Any such events that are dramatic in a teenager’s life can cause them to react very intensely. This may mean they want to hide away and deal with their issues on their own, and over the period of months or years, a serious mental health issue may occur.

There is no time to waste when it comes to mental health; it can affect every aspect of a young teen’s life. Make sure to look out for symptoms and understand the right ways to treat it!

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