Home locks and the importance of installing a strong one

When it comes to keeping yourself and family safe inside your own home, your first step in protection is always how tough your home lock is.

This is the first means of protection you and your family have against the outside world, so why would you risk your safety by having a mediocre lock?

Not only can it enhance your safety but it also protects you from potential break-ins and having valuable items stolen from you. Home locks are definitely a vital part to any home, many people overlook this aspect of a home and do not stop to think that there are different levels of lock design and lock toughness that can be upgraded quickly and easily by many efficient locksmith services.

What do locksmiths do – Residential locksmiths & Commercial locksmiths

A locksmith can guide you through the process of choosing a home lock that you want and installing it for you. They will put you on the right path and give you suggestions and recommendations for what they think is best for your home.

They want to keep you and your home safe from intruders that do not belong inside your house. A home is a private sanctuary where you should feel you completely at ease about your safety; if you are not, then getting your home locks changed today could be the best decision you make.

How locks vary

There are three different grades of lock available; the quality of the lock is the most important thing to take note of.

Locks are given a rating based on the ANSI rating scale, of Grade 1, 2 and 3.

  • A grade 1 lock will provide you with basic residential security.
  • A grade 2 lock is a little stronger and can even be used for light commercial applications.
  • A grade 3 lock is the highest grade and is suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Instead of risking your safety, I highly suggest having every home lock be a grade 3 lock. It is definitely best to replace Grade 1 locks to at least a grade 2 in any situation. The ANSI rating system can be used for deadbolts as well.

Ideally, every exterior door should have both a high-quality doorknob and deadbolt.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with an efficient locksmith service today and have that grade 3 peace of mind when you sleep at night.

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