Drug and alcohol Intervention in families

Substance abuse is on the rise among college-age students and adults across a variety of industries. Attempting to deal with the anxiety and stress of their daily life, it can become a crutch to deny any physical sensations, thoughts, or emotions that are otherwise hard to process.

The reality is though that using addictive substances like alcohol, drugs, etc. are extremely harmful and cause lasting debilitating effects on a person’s body and mind.

If you are a friend or family member of someone who’s experiencing an addiction, it may be difficult to address it at first and try to help them fix their problem.

However, it’s important to seek a professional instead who can give you the proper tools to succeed. Entering a rehabilitation program can arm you with methods to combat their addiction and begin their journey to take back their health.

Signs of an Addiction to Drugs

The first step to overcoming an addiction or substance abuse problem is recognizing that it exists and needs to be addressed. If you’re unsure if the person you know has a legitimate problem or not, watch for the following signs in their appearance and behavior.

A few key changes in a substance abuser, especially of drugs, is taking larger doses than before, searching for other people’s medications, and spending a lot of time obsessing over medications in general.

The person may also project more secluded behavior throughout the day, a more secretive or different personality, an unhealthier facial appearance, and eating or sleeping a lot more or less than previously known.

They may also hide any activity regarding their finances if they are spending much more on drugs or alcohol in the mean time. If you’re suspicious these signs many apply, set aside your fears and check out a professional drug rehabilitation program in your local area for help as soon as you can.

Family and Codependents

The hardest thing for a family member to experience is to watch someone they love to fall into the spiral of addiction and not know how to act as their support system.

However, they control a great factor of whether or not the addict can recover with their words, behaviors, and overall home environment. A lot of times people may try to force their advice on to the addict and end up feeling frustrated when it’s returned with a stubborn or rebellious attitude.

Anyone who is also codependent to the addict will feel these emotions in great volume, as they rely on one another to get through the day and may believe they are responsible for each other’s actions.

As a result, extremely close friends or family to the addict can often feel upset or guilty about their habits, will overanalyze their exchanges in search of the “right” thing to say, etc.

It’s critical to take a step back from that cycle and get educated about how to have an intervention that will be successful. This can be done with a professional who will make sure that both parties are on the same page to overcome the addiction and can create long-term goals and changes to establish in the household.

Why have an Intervention?

Unlike a friend or family member who knows the addict too well to provide effective help, a professional interventionist can observe the situation from a neutral standpoint and offer help based on their experience.

After working in the rehabilitation industry, they understand that addicts can be difficult to truly communicate to and ignite a change from. That’s why they encourage families and an addict to attend sessions together so that they can be united under one vision of working together to become healthier in lifestyle again.

If you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction or have a friend or family member who is, seek a local interventionist in near you without hesitation. Feel free to take the free quiz from Family First Intervention. The program is managed by a former addict who found that binding someone with an abuse problem and their family is bulletproof to ensure their environment is changed to support their recovery.

Pursue an effective intervention today and help get the process of recovery started. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results!

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