How to prevent common street drug use as a parent of a college student

While attending college there are many reasons why students turn to drug use. Some factors can include academic pressures which are brought on by exams, another may be the pressure applied by friends to start using drugs, or even just to abuse the freedom that has arisen from leaving home. Whatever the reason may be none are good enough to validate the use of common street drugs. Drugs are lethal substances that can do irreversible damage to major organs in your body, as a parent you want to make sure you do everything in your power to know what your children are up to. This can be extremely tough when they are away at college, however when they come home this is your chance to interpret any usual slang words or behavior to make sure they are staying clean and substance free.

Slang words for common street drugs

In today’s day and age there are more names for basic street drugs than you could ever imagine. Even something as simple as adderall can be obtained illegally on the streets and have many different ways of being referred too. Some of the names include ‘uppers’. ‘addy’, ‘zing’, “pep pills” etc . This can make it extremely tough for parents trying to detect substance abuse as these names have no resounding similarities to the drug they are using. Another example is marijuana being described as ‘weed’, ‘broccoli’, ‘green’, ‘kush’ etc. As you can see there are a number of terms you would need to be aware of as a parent. The battle against drugs is a tough one, but making sure you are up to date with the latest names for these drugs can definitely help when you are doing your detective work. A good way to do this is to find a list of illegal drugs and their street names, that way you will always be one step ahead!

Other ways to detect drug use

If you are suspicious of your child’s activity there are a few other signs they may be using if you can’t pick up on some of the terminology. For a start if they are stealing money from the house or household items and selling them for money, this is a very clear indicator that they are probably using the money for something they don’t want you to know about. Another sign that they may be using drugs is a change in mood or sleeping behaviors. If some of their behavioral patterns are different and change on a day to day basis it could mean that drugs are affecting these habits. Other than this the clearer signs are that if they continually going to get more and more of the drugs they have been prescribed, or if you have found them hiding drugs from you, it is time to confront them about this and address the problem head on. Many parents sometimes wait as they are scared what will happen if they start to tackle the problem right away, this is risky as drugs are dangerous substances and something can go massively wrong at any time. I would make sure to address it in the correct manner and maybe seek the help of a drug and alcohol rehab center if you feel it would be a useful asset to your family in this process.

Why it is important to pick up on it sooner rather than later

It was reported in 2016 that 1 in 16 high schoolers used marijuana daily, I know for a fact that had the parents of some of these children found out about this these high schoolers would have been severely punished for this behavior. The moment you decide to have a child it is your responsibility as a parent to keep them safe. This does not only mean safe from others but safe from themselves. Teenagers and young adults can easily be led astray for many different reasons, peer pressure is a typical example of one of these reasons, or a want to fit in, (maybe with the wrong crowd) thus starting these bad habits in high school is a bad sign for what’s to come. While at college they may be further away from home with easier access to drugs, making it much more difficult for you to detect and stop. Not only is using drugs an expensive and wasteful habit but an extremely dangerous one. Drug use can have lifelong affects and can have negative impacts on many brain functions.

Whatever happens, it’s never too late

Its always best to address the problem as soon as you find out, and start the recovery process right away. Drugs can be fatal at any point in a young adults life meaning there is no time to waste when it comes to getting them back on the right track. Hope this helped and good luck to anyone battling some of these issues, it can be a tough journey to become clean but definitely a worthwhile one.

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