Literary Magazines Guidelines
  • Please send us a link to, OR pdf, OR zip file of your 2023 literary magazines
  • We will consider either English or Spanish pieces from magazines.
Student Newspapers Guidelines
  • Please send us a link to, OR pdf, OR zip file of the best pieces from some of your 2023 newspapers. These stories can range from investigative pieces to op eds.
  • We will consider Spanish and English pieces from each of these categories.
Individual Submission Section
  • If you’re a high school student, or teacher submitting for a student, please submit 3-5 poems, an essay, and/or a short story as Word documents
  • We will accept English or Spanish pieces in each of these categories.

Submission Guidelines

Terms of Publication
  • No submission fees.
  • For the anthology’s General Section, we accept digital submissions from high school teachers/staff/moderators who would like to send us a link to OR a pdf of 2023 literary magazines and student newspapers.
  • For the anthology’s Individual Submission Section, we accept digital submissions from high school teachers submitting on behalf of students, or individual high school students who would like to send us any form of creative writing.
  • Deadline for submission is January 31, 2024
  • Selected writers and finalists will be notified in Spring 2024.
    Distribution Methods
    • There will be a digital version of the anthology available on our website that will be free to download as of May, 2024.
    • Of the 4000 copies of the anthology that will be printed in July 2024, five free copies will first be sent to featured student writers, two copies will be sent to finalists, and a free copy will also be sent to all high school moderators who submitted student work that was accepted.
    • All remaining copies can be ordered for free in limited quantities from the Blue Book website.
    • Books will be mailed for free.